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  Name:_______________ Scores:_______________


  1. pop_lar 2. s_ngle 3. n_cklace 4. alb_m 5. th__ndering 6. w__ __ther

  7. Austr__li__ 8. diff__ __ence 9. comp__te 10. rep__ __e 11. te__per__ture

  12. tomat__ 13. d__lphin 14. a__ r__v__ at 到达 15. str__nge

  16. d__ffic_ lt 17. cr__sp 18. t__ __ch 19.t__ste 20. r_ c_ive


  1.( ) A. miss B. sick C. writer D. bridge

  2.( ) A. town B. snowy C. rainbow D. follow

  3.( ) A. young B. you C. touch D. enough

  4.( ) A. foggy B. hot C. cold D. crop

  5.( ) A. season B. break C. beach D. eagle

  6.( ) A. train B. rainy C. afraid D. curtain

  7.( ) A. useful B. jump C. husband D. hungry

  8.( ) A. company B. shy C. hurry D. marry

  9.( ) A. geography B. maths C. agree D. several

  10.( ) A. decide B. exam C. divide D. prepare %%@

  三 、单项选择题,将字母代号填入括号内。(20分)

  1. The boy is afraid of the wolf, isn’t he? __________( )

  (A). Yes, he isn’t. (B). Yes, he is. (C). No, he is. (D). No, it isn’t.

  2. Linda: How _____apples do you eat every day

  Bill: Seven. ( )

  (A) much (B) many (C) often (D) old

  3. Many children want to buy computers ______ they like to play games. _____they don’t know playing computer games for a long time is bad for their eyes. ( )

  (A). because, So (B). but, And (C). and, Because (D). because, But

  4. I ______ a student last year. ( )

  (A). am (B). is (C). was (D). were

  5. He opened the door______ went shopping with his brother. ( )

  (A) and (B) but (C) so (D) or

  6. we think Tim is the _______ student in our class. ( )

  (A) heavy (B)heavier (C) heaviest (D) heavyest

  7. Sally: Why does he get only 20 grades on this math test? It's not hard. ( grades: 分数)

  Nora: He ______studies math after class, you know. ( )

  (A) never (B) often (C) usually (D) always

  8. Lisa: Can you speak English Amanda: Yes, I _____.( )

  (A) do (B) will (C) can (D) am

  9. John and Tom are good students. The teachers like very much. ( )

  (A) they (B) them (C) their (D) theirs

  10. ________ you going to the museum now? ( )

  (A) Are (B) Did (C) Do (D) Is


  Joe is a student in NO.12 Middle School.

  21. He_____ English very much. 22. There______ an English test next Tuesday.

  (A) like (B) likes (C) liked (D) liking (A) was (B) be (C) will be (D) to be

  23. So he______ it in his room. 24. He ______95 on the last English exam.

  (A) study (B) studies (C) studied (D) is studying (A) get (B) gets (C) got (D) is getting

  25. He thinks he can ______good grades this time, too.

  (A) have (B) has (C) had (D) is having




  Dear Robert,

  My mother gave me the book yesterday evening, thanks. Mom said you didn't stay long at my home. I know you did not finish reading it, but my father needs it now, so I have to get it back. I'm sorry.

  Steve was very angry about what you said yesterday afternoon. In fact, he didn't say anything bad about you. It was Allen. He said you took Eliza's MP3 during the PE(体育)class. But I know you didn't. Say something to Steve. He's your good friend, remember Please don't tell Allen I told you this, or I'll be in many troubles(麻烦).


  1. ( )What may Robert do after school today ? ( may: 可能)

  (A) He may say sorry to Steve.

  (B) He may give the MP3 back to Eliza.

  (C) He may ask Allen about the book.

  (D) He may study English with Nancy.

  2. ( )Which one of the following is NOT true ? ( the following: 下列)

  (A) The book is Nancy's.

  (B) Nancy is afraid of Allen.

  (C) Eliza brought an MP3 to school.

  (D) Nancy went to Robert's home.


  Tommy is looking outside, and he starts their talking.

  Tommy: This is why I like coming here. High mountains, clean water, and it's green everywhere.

  Henry: Sometimes I think it's good for you to move to Guilin, Bill.

  Bill: Yeah. I love driving, you know. We never have the traffic (交通) jam here. I can drive slowly and enjoy the clean air.

  George: The traffic in Beijin is too busy. Driving there is always a bad dream.

  Henry: You're luckier than me, George. Beijin's MRT(快运) is very convenient(方便). There's no MRT in Lanzhou. My wife and I usually spend more than 40 minutes driving to my office every day.

  Bill: Why didn't Ella come with you this time

  Henry: Her sister is visiting us this week, so she has to stay home.

  Tommy: Jack says he'll come, too, next time.

  Bill: No problem. My car is big enough. By the way, you three can come here earlier next time. Then we can visit more places.

  George: Why don't we drive here next time We'll have more fun – four families together.

  Tommy: That's a good idea. By the way, Bill, can I drive your car? I want to see how it feels.

  Bill: OK. Let me stop the car first.

  1. ( )Where are the four people now?

  (A) In a car. (B) On a bus. (C) On a train. (D) On a plane.

  2. ( )What does the word "here" mean in the second line ?

  (A) Lanzhou. (B) Guilin (C) Beijin. (D) ShangHai

  3. ( )Whose wife is Ella ? (whose: 谁的)

  (A) George's. (B) Bill's. (C) Henry's. (D) Tommy's.

  4. ( )What does "We never have the traffic jam here." mean in the fourth line?

  (A) We can drive very fast here, and the police will never catch us.

  (B) There aren't many cars here, so we never have the traffic problem.

  (C) The cars here are all very good, and they all can run very fast.

  (D) The people here don't like buying cars, so they usually take the bus.


  1. What do you do if you are hungry?____________________________________________

  2. Michael looks like his father.__________________________________________________

  3. We can taste strawberries with our tongue.______________________________________

  4. They have been married for 10 years.__________________________________________

  5. You shouldn’t tell lies, or you’ll come to a bad end._______________________________

  6. 昨天的星期的天气如何?___________________________________________________

  7. 从学校到公园有多远?____________________________________________________

  8. 谁是你家里长得最高的?___________________________________________________

  9. 你昨天早上干了些什么?___________________________________________________



  1. they happy very feel


  2.mother to a sing song your


  3.favourite is what your season ?


  4. he because is his sad keys lost he



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