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  Managing a career on the way up is quite different from managing one at the top of an organisation. Individuals on the way up have to build relationships with the people they (19)to.They usually have to (20) with subordinates in addition to people at the same level as themselves. The most senior staff only have those under them to relate to. This book (21)the idea that all working relationships, including the relationship with one's boss, can and should be managed.

  You do not have to be (22) than your manager in order to manage the relationship. Nor do you have to be better than your manager in any (23).Your manager may well be your career (24) and guide: he or she may have taught you almost everything you know about your(25) of business - and may continue to teach you more. You may be planning to remain under his or her guidance in the future. None of these (26)should alter your relationship with your manager or (27) you off 'managing upwards'. I use this phrase to (28) to the management of one's bossbecause, for many people on the way up, it is the first relationship they have to get right.

  You can, of course, get on at work just by (29) positively to your manager, but that is not likely to be the most successful way to (30) your working life. An active policy of managing upwards will make you more successful and, at the same time, make the business of going to work more enjoyable. It can also be a way to show (31) to your manager for the efforts he or she has made on your (32) Finally, managing upwards will make it easier for your manager to manage you,leaving him or her more time for other (33) and tasks.

  19 A notify B inform Caccount D report

  20 A unite B contact C handle D deal

  21 A promotes B presses C advertises Dconvinces

  22 A clearer B deeperCsmarter Dfuller

  23 A respect B fashion Cpart D means

  24 A leader B supporter C adviser D helper

  25 A courseB line C path Droute

  26 A factors B aspects Ccauses D topics

  27 A put B see C keep D take

  28 A specify B identify C indicate D refer

  29 A giving B operating C reacting D co-operating

  30 A run B forward C move D make

  31 A appraisal B value C appreciation D regard

  32 A advantage B benefit C side D behalf

  33 A posts B roles C positions D acts

  Managing upwards,打理同上司的关系。

  19题,report to,对什么。。。负责,隶属;从属。用在这里句子意思正好:处于上升阶段的个人需要同他们所从属的人处理好关系。A、B的词后面都接of,account to 是解释的意思,用在这里意思不对。

  20题,联系此空上下文,应该是说处理与下属的关系。deal with后接somebody是表示处理和某人的关系。A、B意思不对,C是及物动词,后面不需要with。

  21题,promote促进,推动。promote the idea,推动某个想法。



  24题,这个空要联系上下文,并且参考后面的guide。“he or she may have taught you almost everything you know”,也就是说TA会对你的工作进行很多指导,因为有taught,所以不是supporter或者helper,选leader又感觉拉远了距离,因此选adviser。

  25题,一个让人头疼的商业英语固定词组。line of business,有业务和经营产品的意思。提供几个例句就很好理解含义了:

  We specialize in this line of business我们专门经营此项服务;

  Does this item come under your line of business? 我想知道这种产品属您经营的范围吗?

  You meet some very interesting people in my line of business干我们这行,你会遇到很多有趣的人。


  27题,put off一般表示延迟,但它还有一个不太出名的意思是阻碍。see off,送行;keep off,远离;take off,起飞。

  28题,根据意思选refer to,提及,描述。

  29题,react to,固定搭配,对什么作出反应。用在这里意思也吻合。

  30题,the most successful way to (30) your working life,意思上应该填入表示经营、管理等的意思,run有这个意思。C和D 用法不对,forward something是指转发邮件。


  32题,on one’s behalf,站在某人的立场上,为某人的利益。此处的意思是对他为你所做出的努力表示感激。




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