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  Finding the right people

  When a small company grows, managers must take on many new roles. Besides the day-to-day running of the business, they find themselves responsible for, among other things, relations with outside investors, increased levels of cashflow and, hardest of all, recruitment.

  For most managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, the job of searching for, interviewing and selecting staff is difficult and time-consuming. (0) ... .G... . Interviewing, for example, is a highly skilled activity in itself.

  'We have found the whole process very hard,' says Dan Baker, founding partner of a PR company. 'In seven years we have grown from five to eighteen staff, but we have not found it easy to locate and recruit the right people.' (8).........As Dan Baker explains, 'We went to one for our first recruitment drive, but they took a lot of money in advance and didn't put forward anybody suitable. In the end we had to do it ourselves.'

  Most recruitment decisions are based on a pile of CVs, a couple of short interviews and two cautious references. David Rowe, a business psychologist, studied how appointments were made in five small companies. He claims that selection was rarely based on clear criteria. (9).........This kind of approach to recruitment often has unhappy consequences for both employers and new recruits.

  Small companies often know what kind of person they are looking for. (10)......... According to David Rowe, this means that small company managers themselves have to devote more time and energy to recruitment. It shouldn't be something that is left to the evenings or weekends.

  Many companies start the recruitment process with over-optimistic ideas about the type of person that will fit into their team. 'It's very easy to say you must have the best people in the top positions,' says Alex Jones, managing partner of an executive recruitment company. 'But someone who is excellent in one company may not do so well in another environment.(11).........You can never guarantee a successful transfer of skills.'

  Whatever the candidate's qualifications, their personal qualities are just as important since they will have to integrate with existing members of staff. This is where, the recruitment industry argues, they can really help.

  According to Alex Jones, 'A good recruitment agency will visit your company and ask a lot of questions. (12).........They can ask applicants all sorts of questions you don't like to ask and present you with a shortlist of people who not only have the skills, but who are likely to fit in with your company's way of doing things.'

  A finance director in a big company, for example, will often make a terrible small company finance director because he or she is used to having a team doing the day-to-day jobs.

  B More often than not, the people making the choice prioritised different qualities in candidates or relied on guesswork.

  C Recruitment would seem an obvious task to outsource, but the company's experience of recruitment agencies was not encouraging.

  D They need paying for that, of course, but you will have them working for you and not for the candidate.

  E They are usually in very specific markets and the problem they face is that recruitment agencies may not really understand the sector.

  F This means that companies cannot spend more than the standard ten minutes interviewing each applicant.

  G Yet few are trained and competent for all aspects of the task.

  Finding the right people,寻找合适的人。是说的小公司在起步发展阶段找到合适人才的难度和重要性。第一段总论小公司的经理们往往身兼数职,而其中最有难度的,还是招人。文章介绍了找到合适的人应该注意的问题,并且说招人这种事不可能过度寄希望于招聘机构。

  第八题,这一题的前面说招人相当的困难,后面一个as Dan Baker explains,说曾经找过招聘机构,结果人家要提前收钱并且也没有提供合适的人,最后还是得靠自己。从这里的as …explains和后面的解释可以看出,第八空的内容应该是和招聘机构有关,招聘机构并不能满足公司的需要。选项C正好满足这一特点:招聘看起来像是个很明显的适合交外办理的任务,但是这个公司同招聘机构打交道的经历不那么的鼓舞人。was not encouraging是关键点。

  第九题,这一段都是讲招人的决策不够科学。基于简历或者是简短的面试,很少有明确的准则。第九空的后面是This kind of approach to recruitment often has unhappy consequences。可见第九空的内容还是和招聘的方法有关,并且是负面的。B选项符合这一条件:通常(more often than not是often的意思,插入语),做决定的人将候选人身上的不同素质按优先顺序给排好,或者依赖于猜测。

  第十题,这一题的后面说this means the small company managers themselves have to devote more time and energy to recruitment。这意味着小公司自己要多花时间和精力在招人上。这里的this means的this是个暗示,可以看出第十题这里应该填入的是一些不太有利的因素,使得公司只有自己去招人。E选项符合这一要求:他们通常处于一些特殊市场上,面临的问题是招聘机构并不真正理解这一行业。

  第十一题,这一段是讲招的人能否适应公司的环境的问题。这一空前面说的很明确:But someone who is excellent in one company may not do so well in another environment。在一个公司出色的人并不一定能在另一个环境里干的好。这一空的后面一句也是补充说明这一观点的。可见第十一空的内容仍然是这个,没有转折。A选项填入正好,是举例说明11空前面的观点:比方说,一个大公司的财务总监在小公司往往会干的很糟糕,原因是他或她已经习惯有一个团队来进行每日的工作。

  第十二题,最后一段是和招聘机构相关的。前面说招聘机构会上门服务并且询问很多的问题。这一空的后面说的是招聘机构如何帮助招人。选项D可以填入,D的They need paying for that的that是个暗示,指代前面的上门服务。D选项的后半部分说要让招聘公司为你而不是为候选人服务,可以和这一段的后半部分对应上。



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